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►Fructus Randomus Experiment – How to know which fruit you will get◄ April 9, 2010

In December 2015, the final pot in the Calendar Challenge was a Crystal Ball. When you place a plant in it, it will show what the plant will look like when RFH, in the ball. It was soon discovered that planting a Fructus Randomus seed would show in the ball which fruit you would get when the plant was ready for harvest.

This has now become the easiest way to see, as you could remove the seed without having to diamond dust the plant to see the buds, as described below in the only way we Fairylanders knew how to determine the type of fruit we would get. It would cost you the gold for purchasing seeds, until the crystal ball showed you Percy, and then you could diamond dust and fruit dust the plant. See the picture below of what it looks like:

Topiary Challenge Greenhouse


Below please find the instructions for the original way of determining which fruit you would get prior to 2015:


A Fairyland member, Jessica and Rainbow Sprite, brought up the question in the forum, as to whether or not a person could determine what fruit they would get from a Fructus by looking at the plant in the budding stage.

She took a screen shot of her garden in the budding stage and I edited and converted it for her so that it could be posted in the original forum (access to this thread is no longer available due to the changeover to the new forum format). I kept an eye on her garden and kept a record of which fruit resulted from those particular plants.

I then took it a step further and took my daughter’s garden, which was frozen at the time, and set up a Fructus research garden. I grew in excess of 40 plants and the results were the same each and every time. I have since received confirmation of these results from another Fairylander, Joanna Pearson, who did the same independent research.

There are three “buds” in the Fructus plant and they are guaranteed to turn into the following fruit (please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page):

Bud 1 will turn into either an Apple or a Strawberry

Bud 2 will turn into either a Banana, Pineapple or Lime

Bud 3 will turn into either an Orange or Grape

Below is a picture of what the three buds look like and their resulting fruit:

To see which bud your plant will turn into, you can diamond-dust the plant 4 times, to immediately see the bud. We are not saying that you have to do this, it is merely a suggestion if you are looking for immediate results. It is sometimes easy to miss the budding stage in the plant, if you leave it to grow on its own, unless you plan on monitoring the growth stage from the minute you put the plant in your garden. Observing the plant growing on its own, without diamond dust, the average times that buds would start appearing would be anywhere from 1 day 5 hours to 1 day 9 hours. At 1 day 20 hours all of the buds were still visible in the garden.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that it might take you a while to get the desired fruit. The rare and ultra-rare fruit are a lot more difficult to find, and it could take a lot of gold and diamond dust, to get the fruit you are looking for. Some people are lucky, in that it doesn’t take much for them to find a Percy, for example, but it could take quite a while for others to get one. It is all in the programming, and each garden is different.

There is no guaranteed way to find one specific fruit, and no particular pot that the plant needs to be placed in. The above method narrows down your possibilities though, and gives you a chance at finding the plant you require, a little faster.

The leaves of the plant, in the budding and fully grown (blooming) stage, will not determine which fruit you will get. We looked at the plants once they were all in bloom and they all look exactly the same. There were no differences to be found in any of them (see pictures below of the same four fructus plants in their budding stage, flowering stage, and when ready for harvest). The only place a discernible difference was found was in the bud of the plant, at the budding stage (as described above). This section was added in after the Waxwing was introduced (May 2012), as someone was claiming in the forum that the leaves of the flowering plant indicated what fruit you would get (apple or strawberry). They were claiming that, if the plant had 3 leaves – it would be an apple, and if it had 4 leaves – it would be a strawberry. I decided to add the pictures as pictorial proof that this is not at all true. As you can see, the apple plant has 3 leaves only once it is ready for harvest and the apple has appeared, and the strawberry has 4 when ready for harvest.


21 Responses to “►Fructus Randomus Experiment – How to know which fruit you will get◄”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Super! This is soo useful! I’m going to be attracting tortoise sometime soon, and this will be very helpful!!! Thank you very much!

  2. Faye Owers Says:

    Can you do the same with the Wind plants I just cannot grow an Easterly

    • fairylandfaq Says:

      Hi Faye,

      The Ventus plants work the same as any of the other plants in Fairyland, in that you only need to gold dust them to change them when they are fruiting – you don’t need to keep regrowing them.

      Here is the link to a photo album in the Fairyland Guide that shows you each of the plants when they are in bloom and what they look like when they are ready for harvest:


      The Ventus plants are on the 4th page. You can also see that each flower (bloom) is pointing in a different directions too.

      The best time to gold dust them is when they are in fruit (ready for harvest) and they will change in the following order:

      Northerly Wind, Easterly Wind, Southerly Wind, Westerly Wind

      I hope this information helps you out.

      All the best – Sonja

  3. Spleen Says:

    Would be nice to know the rarity of each one too =]

  4. Des Says:

    Once the bud has flowered, can you then narrow down the possibilities further by looking at the leaves. For instance, I had a bud type 2 which has now flowered and the leaves are in the configuration of the pineapple.

    I REALLY hope I’ve noticed something there 😉

    • fairylandfaq Says:

      We looked at the plants once they were all in bloom and they all look exactly the same. There were no differences to be found in any of them. The only place a discernible difference was found was in the bud stage.

      I hope that you do manage to get a Pineapple as it is extremely difficult to find.

      All the best,
      Sonja Morris

  5. Marcy Says:

    This is awesome information…thank you for doing all that research and then sharing it so freely with anyone!!! This site that you have developed is the best…I am new to the game and all of this information is a blessing…THANK YOU..;))

  6. Linda Says:

    thank you for all this info….well done 🙂

  7. billie Says:

    Hello… I wonder if it’s a coincidence that all off the rare/ ultra rare were all grown in the pink pot? Wonder if that pot will always produce a good one? My pink pot is currently in use…but I can’t wait to try it and find out!

    • fairylandfaq Says:

      There has been some speculation as to whether or not chances are better in getting those particular fructus fruits with limited edition gifts. All of the one’s I have found have all been in assorted limited edition pots. I have not found that one limited edition pot is more successful than another, but it might be worth looking at if you have the time.

  8. Sally Says:

    This great information. Thanks for all the hard work. xo

  9. Bonnie Says:

    I just started Fairyland and got a Percy pineapple in an old bottle, my first time growing a fructus randomus ever.. my aunt told me to keep him as it is very rare- i just wish he was not in an old bottle 🙂

  10. z Says:

    Is there any way to know which pot will “guarantee” a strawberry?

    • fairylandfaq Says:

      Unfortunately there is no pot that will guarantee a strawberry for the Fructus Randomus fruits. Your only guaranteed strawberry, is the Dulcis Fructus, and you can grow it in any pot. Using the experiment results, you can narrow it down to one particular bud, that will give you either a strawberry or an apple. The only thing you will need to bear in mind is that, because the strawberry is rare, you will most likely land up with a lot of apples, before you get one. Some people are really lucky, in that they get one really easily.

  11. I wanted to thank you for going to all this trouble and for hosting this website. 🙂

    • fairylandfaq Says:

      Thank you so much Maryjane. I am glad to see that so many people use the site – it has been fun for me putting it all together – I have a life I promise 😉

  12. Dana Says:

    I always enjoy coming back here, thank you for the research. I frequently refer people here.

  13. Jennah Says:

    My very first Apple/Strawberry was a Strawberry…….I have seen Percy the Pineapple in bottles, buckets, pumpkins, seashells, almost everything, nothing unique about what the Pineapple grows in I don’t believe.

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